Modern Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

Modern Church Wedding Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. How Helpful Has This Section Been to You?What kind of ideas have you seen that you thought fit really well with your wedding? What ideas have you seen suggested that totally do not fit with anything you would ever do for your wedding? Why did these things work or not work for you?
  2. wedding decorations?we are trying to find catalogs on wedding decoration for the ceremony in a church or outdoors
  3. I’m engaged and getting married in 5 1/2 months, now what do I do?I just got engaged *ya!!!!!* We plan on a June wedding. What do I do 1st or now? is there a “guide” as to where I should be at by 5, 4,3, etc months before? When do I start looking for a dress? when do I book the park? when do I book the reception place? Is there a handy book that anyone has used or is using that would organize me? ANY advice/tips is wonderful! thanks
  4. I Need Wedding Decoration Ideas That Go With Cornflower Blue And Canary Yellow?I’m getting married in July. I’m having a church ceremony and an indoor reception. My wedding colors are cornflower blue and canary yellow and I’d also like to incorporate guava (pinkish coral color) in there to break in up a bit. I need ideas and websites on wedding reception decoration ideas…Centerpieces, lighting, flowers and even cake design…please please please…I don’t want to spend a fortune in the process but I want it to look absolutely gorgeous!
  5. Creative ideas for decor in church wedding?I’m getting married in a church next June. Pretty much every church wedding I’ve been to have very similar decorations on the stage- big floral arrangements with white flowers and greenery along with some white candles. I want mine to be a little more unique and modern. My colors are light pink and navy. I thought of using white and pink in the floral arrangements, but I need some creative minds to help me! Any ideas? The church is relatively simple, which is fine bc my wedding is a little on the casual side, I just want a little something on stage. I am planning to do something similar to this on the pews, with navy ribbon instead of black;=ceremony&thumbs;_page=14
  6. Wedding Ideas- Texas- Houston, Cypress area?I need ideas of venues that do everything from flowers and decorations to chair and table linens! Maybe some ideas of beautiful but low priced venues, florists, linen companies, cake bakeries for wedding and groom, etc.!
  7. Marry then have a wedding?My fiancee and I are planning our future wedding. We have talked, and he thinks its a good idea to get married first and then save up for a wedding. I think its a good idea, but I don’t know how it would work. (I don’t know if this is important or not, but I’m catholic and my fiancee has no religion, and I have always wanted to have it in a church, but that idea is out….but would it be okay if we did it that way?) Has anyone else done it like this? Please help me out if you have, I have never been to a wedding, I don’t know my mother or talk to my grandmother and no one else in my family (who are girls) are married, I want this to be my first and final wedding and I want it to be amazing! But, should I do it this way? My family isn’t very keen on marrying during college, but I love my future husband! I know I do, not a doubt in my mind. But if we marry like this, we could live together and stuff, and then get married for like the second time after college and after I find a steady non-“part-time/full-time” not paying enough job. But what do you guys think? PLEASE, help me….thank you! all advice is welcome!
  8. Need help with Fall Wedding Planning. Location, tips, advice, opinions, suggestions?I’m getting married on November 2, 2011. Yes, it’s in like two months haha. We are planning a small wedding with 30-40 people, 50 at the most. We want to find a nice location somewhere within the city limits of Hollywood & Miami in Florida. Somewhere we can have the wedding and the reception. The food is already set. I need the venue though, so I can send out the invitations. ANY INVITATION IDEAS?? I bought my dress 9 months ago, but I need to get it dry cleaned; any good suggestions on what place to take it to? I also need a veil; any suggestions on where to buy one? I also want to get my hair/make-up/nails done, any suggestions who to go to? I also need some flowers, just some bouquets and maybe some decorations. Music is taken care of. A little about the Bride&Groom; <3 My name is Brandy & his name is Nestor. We met on Hollywood Beach when I was 15 and he was 16.. and have been dating since April 20, 2008. We’ve been together for almost 3 1/2 years. Been through everything together. We’ve been living together for a little over 2 1/2 years. We are getting married on November 2nd. Fall wedding theme, but it doesn’t have to be fall colors. I love Aqua & he loves greens 🙂 We’ve been beach people since we were younger, so beach wedding is a consideration, but I kind of want to get married in a country club garden or a church, somewhere nice. Any suggestions on the wedding would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Any cool “out there” ideas are very much welcome 🙂 We are a young, modern, traditional&nontraditional; couple. 30-40 people, 50 max. The budget is not too big, but it isn’t too small 🙂 Thank you sooooo much for your help! I expect a lot of ideas from you all! ALL ideas are welcome!
  9. How to plan a wedding?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?We are thinking about either getting married in January on our anniversary or in June. We are definitely on a budget!!!! Probably no more than I’d say… $3000? I’m not sure what all I need for a wedding. Ya know.. never done this before!? We’re thinking about getting married at the church and having the reception at my parent’s house. What are some good/cheap ideas for a reception?? Probably no more than 50 guests, if that. Just close family and friends. Please don’t tell me to go to websites, like and all that stuff.. I have.. I am just asking for personal experiences. What do I need for the wedding? For the reception? For the guests? Flowers? etc Thanks!
  10. Christians please give me honest feedback?Why do some Christians try to say that pagan holidays never existed or for that matter ANY holidays existed until the rise of Christianity? It’s not that I am trying to take anything from you, but I feel like my own celebrations are being belittled and it’s equally as hurtful to me then if I came up to you and said Jesus Christ wasn’t real. I ask because there is a specific YA Answerer purposely trying to “debunk” my beliefs yet if I did it to him back then I would be in the wrong. Atheists – I respect your views so respect mine and not belittle either religion.

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