Free Wedding Decoration Ideas

Free Wedding Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. Wedding ideas and photos of anything black and white theme with red and orange accents?My wedding will be next August and I have definitely decided on black and white with orange and red accents but I want more ideas on centerpieces, cakes, decorations, dinnerware(i am on a budget so decorative paper plates), etc. Anything would help at this point! Thanks in advance to everyone!
  2. I am newly engaged and want to know how I can plan an elegant stress-free wedding?I have so many ideas and things that I want to do, but I want to be able to keep friends and relationships. I am getting married in Atlanta and just want some tips in whatever area. Decorations, planning, flowers, BM dresses, GM suits, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. How do I incorporate photography and memories for my wedding theme?I am racking my brain to make my wedding theme memories (already made memories and future memories). Any help?
  4. How should a person start a wedding planning business?my friend wants to start being a wedding planner, and needs good ideas on how to start
  5. Does anyone know of any websites or what not to receive free wedding stuff?Trying to save as much money as possible. Don’t really have much, to begin with. Looking for inexpensive fake floral garlands as well. Thanks for any ideas!
  6. what are good homemade decoration for a winter wonderland theme?my friend is getting married next week. she has no decorations, no money and no plans. I am the maid of honor and it is up to me to save the day. the theme for her wedding is a winter wonderland. the colors are blue, white and silver. I need centerpieces, decorations, and bridal party/shower ideas. HELP!
  7. What is a good color scheme for a Christmas wedding?My sister is getting married on December 22, but she can’t think of a nice, interesting color scheme for her Christmas-themed wedding. There would be two main colors – one for the bride, and one for the groom. Can you please help her out? Thanks!
  8. My fiance and I are planning to be married in October. Does anyone have any thrifty ideas?We’re kind of tight on cash. I’m looking for suggestions and ideas to pull off something nice but very reasonably priced. DIY ideas welcome as well!! Thanks!
  9. How to plan a simple wedding?My fiance and I are planning to get married between August – November. We don’t want anything big (that’s why there is no date yet) now I feel like it’s time to start planning. We just want something small (close family &friends;), cheap & simple but nice. What are some good ideas to have a simple wedding? Are there any good websites? What’s a good theme for our wedding where we can find simple but unique ideas? Please let me know :]
  10. How can I save money for and at my wedding?I’m getting married this November and I’m having a theme of autumn. I don’t want to spend very much on the wedding. Mostly because I don’t have enough money for a big fancy wedding. I have over 100 guests that I CANT not invite. I’ve lowered it and it’s still over 100. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas about what I could do to save money. Please, I can use all the help I can get.
  11. How to have a wedding with a budget of $4000?I need to be able to accommodate at least 150 people on this budget. W both have large families so I could only cut maybe thirty people. Please help I am running out of ideas. Thank you in advance to all who answer.
  12. what is the average price of a bachelorette party?I am in a wedding in the fall. The Bachelorette weekend is in San Diego. We have a free place to stay (condo on the beach), but have to pay a cleaning fee in addition to decorations, the Bride’s one night out, champagne for a toast, alcohol for Saturday night, sashes for all of the girls, and custom-made t-shirts for the weekend (1 per girl). How much do you think it should cost each girl (not including the bride) for those items? (not including what the girls may spend on shopping, breakfast, lunch, their own dinner, etc.) BTW…there are 5 girls who are splitting the cost…
  13. I need some good ideas for planning a 25th wedding anniversary party!?This upcoming April will be the 25th wedding anniversary of my parents, and I wish to plan a classy surprise party for the both of them. I need some ideas on themes that will be fun, but still remain fairly sophisticated. I am planning on inviting many of their friends, for I feel that it would make the occasion more meaningful to them. Anyone have any ideas on where I should start!?
  14. How much was your wedding cake?Just trying to get an idea of how much wedding cakes are. How much was your cake and how many people did it serve? What flavors did you end up choosing and how far in advance did you have to place your order. Any other helpful tips would be great. Thanks!
  15. What can I expect to pay for my wedding day?I’m creative, I can make a lot of things, I’m planning on making the cake myself, preparing some of the food along with some catered, I can take care of dress alterations, make invites and guest favors. The wedding is going to take place in a church with a reception to follow in a community hall. 200 guests for both ceremony and reception. Anyone want to take a stab at what I should expect to pay, and where I should set my budget? What kind of unexpected costs may arise? Thanks so much!
  16. How to plan an inexpensive but elegant wedding?My wedding is in June 2009. I’ve just started planning. My colors are Lavender, & Silver. I don’t really have a theme. I want to have a wedding with all the perks but half the cost any suggestions?
  17. What are some good yet inexpensive ideas for a wedding ceremony/reception?I want my wedding to be romantic, elegant, and personal without the huge $costs$. Chris… this is for other ppl to answer! I love you too!

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