Church Wedding Decoration Flowers

Church Wedding Decoration Flowers Questions Answered!

  1. What’s the name of the Md church that lends wedding supplies?I had found a website of a church in Maryland that has a ministry that lets people borrow wedding decorations, tuxes and gowns, so that people don’t have to go in debt for a wedding. Does anyone know the name of the church or the ministry? Thanks1
  2. How should I decorate the aisle of the church I’m getting married at this summer?A lot of the aisle decorations I’ve seen online are great for outdoor weddings but I’m getting married in a church and I need to decorate the aisle. I don’t want anything to look like a cheesy 80s wedding though (like tulle on the chairs). I also don’t want to buy flowers for all the rows since that would cost a lot. Any suggestions?
  3. How much would a wedding ceremony and a reception cost?kindly enumerate the items that are being paid for in a wedding ceremony and a reception and how much they would normally cost..please?!:]
  4. What kind of decor do you do for an indoor wedding ceremony?—I’m not getting married in a church either, it’s an old church that was turned into a night club. I want simple but chic not cheap. So no balloons or anything like that. —And our wedding colors are dark red and dark purple, and the only flowers we are doing are roses, but I was hoping to not have to buy extra just for the ceremony.
  5. What to do with crochet bells at my wedding?My grandmother has made me dozens of beautiful crochet bells to use at my wedding. Trouble is, I just can’t think how to use them. We already have Bomboniere. The bells are white, have been stiffened, and are about 10cm high by 4cm wide. Please give me any ideas you may have. It would be good if guests could take them home with them at the end of the evening, but I would like to have a use for them during the reception and/or ceremony. Please help!!
  6. How much would a ceremony location fee cost for a wedding?feel free to give me a website that tells me the prices for everything in a wedding.
  7. How do I start planning my wedding?It’s 7 months away, and everyone says I should be planning it at least a year or two in advance. Where do I start? I’m having the dresses custom made. I’ve gone to a lot of sites and they have too many things to do for the wedding I have in my head.

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