Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas

Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas Questions Answered!

  1. What are some cheap but cute wedding table decoration ideas? I am on a budget, My wedding is almost exactly one month away. I don’t have any table decorations. Any ideas? I thought about buying red streamers and having candles on the table. Colors are apple red, white, and silver.
  2. Any ideas for inexpensive wedding decorations? I need some help, I am getting married in a little over two months and I need some help with inexpensive ideas for wedding decorations. The colors are purple and silver. Any suggestions? Thanks for all your help!
  3. Where can I find large cheap ballons or cheap weather balloons? I’m looking into different ideas for wedding decorations and I’ve been drawn to the idea of balloons. I would love to have a large number of balloons and with different sizes. I’m hoping someone can point me to a site or store that sells large numbers of balloons with different sizes. I understand that getting a large number of balloons isn’t “cheap” however, finding a larger lot or surplus of balloons would still be better than buying smaller bags at any party store. Anyone know or a great place to get lots of balloons?
  4. What are some very cheap wedding decorating ideas? I do not really want a lot of money to be spent on decorations because I know the food is going to take up a fair amount. However, I enjoy decorating. I was thinking of different ways to use fake petals as decorations and mason jars. My colors are a bold yellow and darker blue like royal blue. Thank you for any suggestions.
  5. Me and my fiance are planning a quick wedding with a 300$ budget any ideas? Me and my fiance want to get married before our child comes into this world. But sadly, we’re pretty broke so we have a budget of 300-400$ We need some ideas, for a cheap quick wedding which includes, invitations, cakes, clothes, decorations, and so on. But we have to keep it cheap. So if anyone has any clue on how to plan a cheap wedding before march please let me know you’re great thoughts!
  6. does anyone have resources for a cheap but nice wedding ideas? websites, books?I am planning a wedding but trying not to break the bank. Does anyone have some ideas or good resources about wedding ideas, decorations, favors, gifts to guests etc.?
  7. I need some ideas for cheap table decorations for my wedding? Any ideas would be good as well as where I can buy the stuff or buy the things I need to make it. I like anything with silver and pale blue. I have 7 rectangular tables to decorate.
  8. Any cheap wedding and reception ideas? I just got engaged and I find myself lost on planning a “cheap” wedding and reception. I have thought about just getting married at the courthouse and having a big reception to keep costs down. My guy and I have been together for 7 years and we have 4 children so we need to save as much money as possible, any suggestions????
  9. Can anyone help me with cheap wedding ideas in Sydney? I live in Sydney, and I was hoping that other Sydney brides could share their experiences of the goods and bads of wedding planning and maybe some pointers of what to avoid and what worked great for you! Also any great stories of churches or reception halls?
  10. Where can I get cheap wedding chair covers to rent online? Chair cover rentals are EXPENSIVE here in Nebraska because there isn’t much to offer. I’m looking for possible chair cover rentals online that can be shipped to us for hopefully a less expensive price. If you have any ideas of online party rental places that are decently priced, please let me know! Thanks!
  11. How do I plan a small wedding at home in 4 months on a low budget? I need ideas ASAP on anything, my dress, the decorations, wedding favors, and all that good stuff. especially on the wedding favors, I really want to make them myself just don’t know what to make.
  12. What are some inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas? I am having a blue and brown colored wedding, possibly with some pink and/or orange thrown in here and there. What are some inexpensive table centerpiece ideas that could incorporate those? Has anyone found any really good websites for this? Thanks!
  13. I’m having a fall wedding. The wedding/reception will be at the same place any ideas on setting up the room? I also need cheap decoration ideas. My colors are red, orange, yellow. I was going to have glass containers with floating candles and fall leaves as centerpieces but I am afraid that it will not draw enough attention to the tables. How should I set up the tables so everyone can see the ceremony (which will be where the dance area is) but also have the head table at the front (or center of attention) of the room??
  14. What is the best way to hang Japanese lanterns in an outdoor wedding reception tent? My wedding is next October and I want to hang lanterns that are either all or mostly lit from within. I’m looking for a cheap and easy way to hang them. I am also looking for ideas for fall decorations for my wedding. Any Ideas?
  15. I am going to cook all the food for my wedding what do I serve? so far my thoughts are. lasagna( big thought) cocktail meatballs and boneless spare ribs. I am also baking my wedding cake too as I don’t like store-bought… I am not a picky person and my wedding is going to be untraditional and I really don’t care if things go wrong… I will be changing into something else I believe for the reception still beautiful but something that can get stained ( any suggestions) although my wedding dress is mine forever and I only use it once who cares if I get something on it, lol. but yeah.. this is also being served around 6:00 pm around 200 dollars planning on using Cosco. and there is somewhere to sit down. I do want more suggestions on food too, please
  16. Do you have any wedding ideas on a budget? I’m getting married in a year. Any frugal ideas that I could use for my wedding that won’t cost so much money? My plan is to have a beautiful wedding without spending the big bucks.
  17. How to plan a memorable wedding on a tight budget? We are getting married this September, and we need everything but the church. We’re on an extremely tight budget. I say skip the reception all together he says he wants a semi-formal sit-down dinner with all the “traditional” reception values. We both have HUGE families… Any good centerpiece and favor ideas? Anyways to save will be greatly appreciated!

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