Catholic Church Wedding Decoration

Catholic Church Wedding Decoration Questions Answered!

  1. How much money is appropriate to give to the Catholic Church and Priest for my wedding ceremony?I have heard horror stories of couples that did not give the church an acceptable amount of money for their service and it showed in the service itself. I would rather give too much than not enough, but my fiance and I are paying for everything ourselves so we are on a budget. I hope someone has some good advice! Thanks!
  2. What is the average cost of a Catholic wedding?My fiance and me (including families) are from Mumbai and plan to marry each other in February 2015 in Goa. I would like to know from the many recently wed families, the approximate cost of a small and slightly grand wedding considering the following: – Most probably a beach wedding. – The guest list is about 100 people, – Food, decoration, bar/drinks, cake, etc – I’m not a Goan with no property in Goa, and will need to provide close relatives with accommodation, say for 10-15 families. He is Goan and can put up his relatives from abroad/Mumbai in the houses of the Goan relatives. – Gown / Suit – 2 or 3 bridesmaids, hence 2-3 best men. No flower girl or page boy maybe. – Wedding rings – Cards – Wedding car – Please let me know what other expenses could there be. Would you suggest to have the nuptials also on the beach or have it in the church? Would South Goa be a better option than North Goa? Would you advise to hire a wedding planner or do it all ourselves? I have no idea what should our budget be like as I’m not aware of what are the costs like. All I know is that weddings are an expensive affair. Will all of the above cost about Rs.10 lacs in all or more? We belong to middle-class families with not so much money to blow up. I look forward to as many answers as I can get regarding the additional expenses for a wedding, your experiences, your words of advice, any suggestions to cut down on the costs, etc. Many thanks for your help in advance. I really appreciate your answers. Great answers guys! But I’m looking for answers from people who got or are going to get married in India. I need to know the amount in Rupees. Thanks for all the help so far.
  3. How much does it cost for a simple wedding here in the US?How much does it cost to have a catholic wedding here in the US, How much is the minimum amount of money that could be spent for that occasion.. thanks for the replies
  4. What can you recommend for a private San Juan wedding?My fiance and I are going on a week-long honeymoon cruise that leaves San Juan, Puerto Rico docks at 10 pm on March 2nd of 2008. We would like to get off our plane, go to a private area and have a brief wedding ceremony, eat a nice dinner in San Juan in our wedding garb, and get on the boat (still in our wedding garb). We want to keep this as simple as possible- NO fancy decorations, NO big wedding cakes- I’m even bringing my own bouquet. I’ve been combing the internet for weeks and keep coming across the same issue- people wanting 1000+ just to coordinate- this doesn’t include the cost of each reservation, officiant, and license arrangement. I’m so frustrated I can hardly stand it. We just want 30 mins- in and out- no muss no fuss. I can arrange my own photographer, my meals, etc. A question for PR locals- is it cheaper, do you think to start searching outside of San Juan? Can you recommend places? I would sincerely appreciate all info you can provide.
  5. Is it possible to have a nice wedding with a budget of 10,000 or lower?Guestlist is around 120 max. Not too sure what to do about music. I am not sure if we should use our I pod or hire a DJ. We are from Glenwood springs colorado. Prices are a little higher around here.
  6. What is the cost to have a wedding in a Catholic Church?We were just wondering about the cost of the wedding in the church, if any, not including reception or anything.
  7. Do people still commonly use aisle runners at weddings?My wedding will be in a Catholic church. Do people still use the aisle runners? My wedding is fairly small–probably 75 people at the church and we are trying to keep it more relaxed & informal. The girls are wearing short dresses and the guys are wearing dark suits. It is just a wedding service, not a Mass. Do people still do these? Should I have one? Opinions, please.
  8. what are the padrinos in a typical Mexican wedding?I am getting married sometime in September, what are the padrinos in a typical Mexican wedding? I know there are the ones for violation, Lazo, aras, cojines, libro y rosario, ramo (i think) but I don’t know what else is involved.
  9. What items are giving by the godparents during a Catholic baptism?I’m baptizing a little girl and I have been informed that the godparent purchases the dress/shoes/candle/bible…what else am I supposed to provide? I want to make sure that I do this right since I have never done it before.
  10. I’m planning a trip to Key West in May, I’m getting married there. Should I get a travel agent?Can you tell me if a travel agent would be beneficial and save me money on the flight and room or would it end up costing us money for a travel agent? (I’ve never before used one so I’m not sure how that works)
  11. How much did your wedding cost?How old were you? And how big was the wedding?
  12. How much did your wedding cost?And what did you do for your wedding? How long did it take you to plan it?
  13. I just got having an Oct.08 wedding enough time to start planning?We plan on inviting about 100 guests- give or take.. and will be getting married in a Catholic Church. So it would be about one year to plan Oh, and I will not be having a bridal party, but I have lots of family to help me!
  14. Chuch Decorations. Help!?I am getting married in a beautiful old Catholic Church in Cincinnati Ohio. It doesn’t need to much for wedding decorations because of the architecture but I still would like something. Any ideas? The pictures would be wonderful. Thank you!
  15. Catholic Weddings?I’m trying to get a budget for my wedding. The first thing I need to take into consideration is the donation cost and ceremony expenses. In general, how much is a donation for the use of a Catholic Church for a wedding? If it’s different for every Church (which I’m sure it is) Just please give me the amount you know. In addition, how did any Catholic brides decorate the church? As far as I know, I thought you were not allowed to decorate the church. Besides a few flower arrangements for the Alter. Do I even need those? I don’t plan on doing any extra decorating of the church. I think it’s a horrible idea to put tulle and bows on a Holy place. Churches are beautiful enough without that. Anyway. Please give me any and all information regarding the cost of a Catholic Ceremony. Also, please include the price of your pre-cana classes and material. Please keep that separate from the ceremony costs though. Thanks for the Help!

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